Youngest had an outdoor piano recital today. Seems like a good #ADayInTheLife choice.

On vacation this week and giving the 3.0 client a spin. It’s come a long way and I think it’ll be my full time client now.

Distant image of four people standing in the surf of a beach. The water is blue and green with visible white foam. In the distance a fishing boat can be seen.

Been a while since I hung out at the “Second State Coffee” downtown location. ☕️

Was out on my morning run this week when this little one walked out to ask for help. He has some eye issues and very underweight, but seems to be improving. Oliver, our dog, loves him but not sure what to do with him.

Two Crows on the fence playing with something. Thought it was a butterfly but it was this Luna moth.

I really need to get out more while the flowers are still at peak.