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2022-01-17: Wasn’t that impressed with spatial audio when Apple introduced it, but I recently revisited it …

2021-12-09: Was out on my morning run this week when this little one walked out to ask for help. He has some eye …

2021-11-02: Have been with Fastmail since 2004. Their service is and has been fantastic, but this will be my …

2021-10-03: Picking up some plants yesterday and found this little one.

2021-09-11: Josie enjoying the new cat cave

2021-08-29: Anyone tried Mela? A delight to use and has me considering a switch from my current recipe/grocery …

2021-08-29: I may have purchased a new domain to try out iCloud email with custom domains.

2021-08-15: Two Crows on the fence playing with something. Thought it was a butterfly but it was this Luna moth.

2021-08-10: For almost as long as I’ve been in computing I’ve used Emacs. At first almost stock with …

2021-05-14: Picked up Sagan’s “Broca’s Brain” in a little library the other day. It’s been years since I last …

2021-05-10: Echoes When I was a kid, one of my favorite escapes from the small southern town I lived in was, …

2021-04-09: Ventured out for the first time in a very long time.

2021-04-02: A House Finch pair made a nest outside my office window and now they have babies they are caring …

2021-03-31: I really need to get out more while the flowers are still at peak.

2021-03-18: Maybe I should consider Overcast again. Use Chartable or Podsights to measure your traffic? …

2021-03-07: Seems like is still having some trouble today? Is there an official status page anywhere?

2021-02-01: It’s been a long time since an app has “surprised and delighted” as much as the 5.0 release of …

2020-12-12: Foggy morning

2020-11-27: The Mandalorian S02E05 is excellent! Honestly, that single episode is better than most of the sequel …

2020-10-22: Dogwood berries

2020-10-17: Planned to cut the grass today. Probably one of the last cuts of the year. But… lots of wind …

2020-10-14: A nice “Day in the Life” bonus, seeing how many folks are on the fedverse(or at least …

2020-10-13: Lunch break walk. #adayinthelife Taken in Downtown Summerville South Carolina at 12:58 (UTC-4) …

2020-10-03: Nice sunset in the Blue Ridge

2020-10-01: Hot Guts

2020-09-26: Decorations

2020-09-23: Pumpkin thief

2020-09-22: Mood

2020-09-05: Tiny fellow decided to look all tough and scary.

2020-08-30: Most of the gang

2020-08-21: Every now and then a Bandcamp recommendation goes somewhere unexpected and wonderful. This is one of …

2020-08-09: Pancakes

2020-08-02: Tiny tree frog on our morning walk.

2020-07-12: Blue bird nest

2020-07-12: Not sure of the plant, but I love it’s flowers. They grow down from the main branches on tiny …

2020-07-11: Today is the first day of “stay the heck indoors” season.

2020-07-10: Love some lush and sappy synthwave, Monsters 🎵

2020-07-06: Flowers from before

2020-06-27: Apparently air quality is down here today due to dust from the Saharan desert. You can see the haze …

2020-06-27: Yard work done! Time for a beer and some tunes.

2020-06-21: Morning walks I love walks in the morning, before it’s too hot. Headphones on with some chill music, …

2020-06-17: Drafts 21 brings custom dialogs with HTML/CSS/JS. This is amazing .

2020-05-22: Stumbled across, the Browncoats Mixtape and now I really need a Firefly rewatch. It’s been a …

2020-05-10: “Gross Easter Beer”. It’s an IPA brewed with dragon fruit , passion fruit, lemons …

2020-05-08: My battery is getting low and it’s getting dark — Opportunity Rover 💬

2020-05-07: People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, …

2020-05-06: My workday is done when I close the lid on my work MBP. It’s extremely satisfying to close …

2020-05-06: Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on …

2020-05-05: I have a foreboding of an America in my children’s or grandchildren’s time – when …

2020-05-04: I have seen things you people wouldn’t believe. HTML tags nested 14 layers deep off the …

2020-04-14: Hi 👋

2020-04-14: This song slaps 😅…

2020-04-14: Folks under lockdown sure love to get out and come watch some newly hatched Mallard ducks. The …

2020-04-03: Pond visitor

2020-04-03: Even the geese are social distancing.

2020-03-28: How to revisit a beloved Sci-fi franchise, Picard. How not to, Star Wars sequel trilogy.

2020-03-24: Josie

2020-03-19: Have been reading a bunch of posts about how the current forced work from home will help push …

2020-03-15: Pollen Nose

2020-03-06: As someone looking around for a new bookmarking service, Memex looks interesting.

2020-03-01: Another view of this thing I posted a while back. Seems appropriate for vision.

2020-02-29: Leap

2020-02-28: Below

2020-02-27: Coffee together

2020-02-26: A favorite escape, the mountains of WNC.

2020-02-25: Hurdle I’ve got nothing for this one, have a doughnut.

2020-02-24: Double tired.

2020-02-23: Station My dads 40+ year old shortwave radio. When I was a kid, I loved to play with it and listen …

2020-02-22: Spectacle This coffee shop mural has a lot going on.

2020-02-21: Marks on the wall, tracking the growth progress of our youngest.

2020-02-20: Dragon Scales

2020-02-19: Space

2020-02-18: These turtles are way more aggressive for food than you’d expect. Rather hard to oppose them.

2020-02-17: I guess a giant glass of ice tea may count as cool.

2020-02-16: Rest

2020-02-15: Balance

2020-02-14: Warmth

2020-02-13: Rise Some early morning ducks.

2020-02-12: Attachment

2020-02-11: Plain

2020-02-10: Sign Bit of a repost, but a new photo of this old stop sign embedded in the road.

2020-02-09: Lull

2020-02-08: Contrast

2020-02-07: Above

2020-02-06: Plant

2020-02-05: An angle on subscription pricing I haven’t heard mentioned, is the loss of family sharing. …

2020-02-05: Hide

2020-02-04: Spot

2020-02-03: Reflect. A bit of explanation on this one. It is a reflection of the sun, off of a pond, through a …

2020-02-02: Without Sight

2020-02-01: Not Open

2020-01-27: Just discovered Prime video no longer has Doctor Who. Really bummed.

2020-01-24: Early flight

2020-01-20: Don’t blink

2020-01-20: Going places

2020-01-19: Well that was a nice one.

2020-01-10: “On my ship, the Rocinante; wheeling through the galaxy”. How did I not know this Rush …

2020-01-10: A huge part of my teenage years was Rush and I idolized Neil. One of the best drummers to ever live. …

2020-01-10: Busy morning on the feeders.

2020-01-01: It’s cool that ProtonMail added encrypted calendaring. Would be nice if we had this(and mail), …

2019-12-28: Love this in-depth post about Flickr. Lots of good reasons to stay with Flickr. …

2019-12-20: Just finished S4 of The Expanse. It’s been a while since I watched the older episodes, but I …

2019-12-19: A Jedi is supposed to build their own lightsaber, right?

2019-11-02: There will be hops 3.

2019-11-02: Stop on top

2019-10-06: The story isn’t amazing, but the scenery is. Hinterland

2019-10-06: A rare moment when these fosters are still enough for a picture.

2019-09-22: Pollen

2019-09-21: It’s just “fake fall”, but a beautiful day for a morning ride to the local coffee …

2019-09-14: 🦋onarch

2019-09-11: I was just wondering when GoGo Penguin was going to release something new. Time-Lapse City 🎵🎵🎧

2019-09-04: Another beautiful sunset, thanks to Dorian.

2019-09-04: Couple of hummers fueling up during the storm today. It’s really hard to capture them well, …

2019-09-03: Calm sunset before Dorian hits tomorrow.

2019-09-02: Spent the day doing final prep for Dorian. So much for the holiday.

2019-08-19: One of our foster kittens enjoying Oliver’s tail

2019-08-19: I know they are more efficient, but I do not like the new LED street lights going in everywhere. Too …

2019-08-02: Hope the new Death Cab album turns out as good as the trailer track 🎵

2019-08-01: Dinner out with the wife yesterday to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Kid in the picture …

2019-07-31: Feels like a Snarky kind of day. 🎵

2019-07-28: For this time of year, some amazingly clear skies tonight. Decided to drag out the telescope and …

2019-07-26: Unexpected mushrooms on our afternoon walk. 📷

2019-07-26: Love the new photos page! Seems like a great time to re-import most of my Instagram photos.

2019-07-15: This week’s ABGT is rather nice… 🎵 ABGT 339

2017-12-09: Actual beer nerd in the wild

2017-12-09: Beer nerds

2017-11-26: Happy gotcha day!

2017-11-11: May have over done it this time.

2017-11-02: Amazing sunset. This picture does not do it justice.

2017-10-30: Neighbors probably think we’re burning the place down.


2017-05-24: That’s a bunch of doughnuts

2017-05-23: More ramen for lunch please.

2017-05-22: Plates of bacon dipped in chocolate 😳

2017-05-22: Lunch.

2017-05-22: A full day of coffee and conference.

2017-05-11: Mornings…….

2017-04-29: Too bad about Columbus tho.

2017-04-25: Nice downtown field. Same gnats.

2017-04-21: This was amazing

2017-04-19: I kinda love this Verde salad.

2017-04-19: Motey and this rug.




2017-04-01: #caturday

2017-03-25: Softies, Geechie Grits, Tomato Pie, Green Beans and sweet Cornbread.


2017-03-11: Unexpectedly nice

2017-02-18: Band and Doctor Who? Yup, I was a huge nerd.

2017-01-27: Taking one for the team. Pretty sure they hired the Burger King, King.

2016-12-25: Tired kitty.

2016-12-10: BA Blackbeerd and BBQ. All….the B’s.



2016-11-05: Full set 2016




2016-09-30: Apparently I didn’t wear enough camo.

2016-09-04: Three extra dogs in this house for a week. Motey is not amused.

2016-08-30: Play ball!!! 💤

2016-08-28: Going for 2001 meets The Shining, or something. This hotel is interesting….


2016-08-27: The best downtown alley

2016-08-27: The Redcoats are going?

2016-08-25: Here we go again. At least no gnats right now. I guess the heat fried them all.



2016-06-08: Berry basket

2016-06-08: Blueberry picking with the family.

2016-06-04: Sup?

2016-05-14: Yum. Pinecones.

2016-05-08: Mothers and babies

2016-04-16: Man softies are good.

2016-04-09: Alton Brown Live.

2016-04-09: First game of the year

2016-04-03: Sunday dog walk.


2016-03-27: Documenting the tie.

2016-03-27: Eggzzzz

2016-03-19: Plum blossoms.

2016-03-13: Obligatory sunset.

2016-03-12: Avoiding the gnats. “Soccer” practice.

2016-03-09: Football practice. Also known as, feeding the gnats.


2016-01-12: This place is amazing. The largest brewery/brewpub I’ve ever visited.

2016-01-12: Wasn’t too bad until it started to rain.

2015-12-04: Tonight’s tasting list.

2015-12-04: Home brew.

2015-12-04: Pick a beer…. any beer.

2015-11-29: Christmas tree hunting

2015-11-21: Old school

2015-11-16: Nicely redone.

2015-11-11: Something to admire while sitting in traffic

2015-11-10: Emanuel

2015-11-08: Skating…sorta.

2015-09-19: Flowertown’s Funky Firkin Fest

2015-08-25: Wienermobile

2015-07-14: One of the many reason I love Asheville. #wickedweed

2015-06-18: Deschutes

2015-06-18: Portlandia

2015-06-18: Portland office is the best office. Too bad about that TV.



2015-06-16: Don’t usually post food pics, but man.


2015-06-04: Farewell Reston office

2015-05-24: Still a bit cool for a pool day.

2015-05-22: Rather nice evening out tonight.





2015-04-19: Too bad about that bag.

2015-04-18: So, this happened. Hopefully not as bad as the bacon doughnut.

2015-04-16: Dueling updates.

2015-04-12: 3rd snake and 1st poisonous of the season.

2015-04-04: Maybe get a smartphone.

2015-04-04: Egzzz

2015-04-01: Big nuts…..and bolts.

2015-04-01: Motey

2015-03-17: Yummy burn’t pizza.

2015-03-17: Good morning

2015-03-15: I am bored.

2014-12-20: Material Design


2014-12-18: It’s a hokey hokey Christmas

2014-12-18: Redhat 7.0

2012-10-20: Io moth caterpillar.

2012-10-20: Baby squirrel.

2012-10-20: Gator parts.

2012-10-20: A couple of stickers.



2012-06-09: Huba huba

2012-06-02: Only the top shelf, Costco for this party.

2012-05-18: Coast Dave Brown

2012-05-07: Sleepy kitty.


2012-05-02: Only computer mag. worth reading in B&N now.

2012-04-25: Going to finish the race before it starts.

2012-04-22: Lost eggs










2012-04-14: Bucket is full.

2012-04-14: Strawberry picking.

2012-04-14: The flavor is in the meat.

2012-04-08: Not dig’n it.