New visitors to our pond today. Four Black-Bellied Whistling ducks showed up. They hung out in the shade until the evening and even came over to where I was visiting with the local Mallards. Four Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks standing on green grass.

Have what I hope is a usable workflow to post here from iOS/iPadOS. Probably post more about it soon.

Time to move on and move on I’ve done.

📺 Trying to watch Tencent’s “3Body” and the pacing is glacial.

☕️ When will I learn that an Americano is not good coffee. #coffee

Have been using History Book for a while now and it’s such a great tool.…

Excised Eero devices from my network a while back. Replaced them with a Firewalla and Deco mesh. Highly recommend.

One of my favorite things is going to bed late, wife is asleep, phone has long been on sleep focus, I put my phone on the MagSafe charger….. BAAACHING!!!!

Come on Apple, make that sound respect Focus modes.

An Eastern Shovel tree. A tree truck with a red plastic toy shovel stocked oddly out of it. It appears to be growing out of the truck. Green trees can be seen in the background.

I do wonder how this happened.

Realized that the most janky website I visit is YouTube. To penalize Firefox or combat ad blocking, I guess Google thinks it’s ok to slow the site down or simply break it.