There will be hops 3.

Stop on top

The story isn’t amazing, but the scenery is. Hinterland

A rare moment when these fosters are still enough for a picture.


It’s just “fake fall”, but a beautiful day for a morning ride to the local coffee shop.


I was just wondering when GoGo Penguin was going to release something new. Time-Lapse City 🎡🎡🎧

Another beautiful sunset, thanks to Dorian.

Couple of hummers fueling up during the storm today. It’s really hard to capture them well, which these photos don’t really do.

Calm sunset before Dorian hits tomorrow.

Spent the day doing final prep for Dorian. So much for the holiday.

One of our foster kittens enjoying Oliver’s tail

I know they are more efficient, but I do not like the new LED street lights going in everywhere. Too harsh and bright. Give me the dim warm glow of older sodium lights.

Hope the new Death Cab album turns out as good as the trailer track 🎡

Dinner out with the SO yesterday to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Kid in the picture isn’t ours, but really wanted their picture taken.

Feels like a Snarky kind of day. 🎡

For this time of year, some amazingly clear skies tonight. Decided to drag out the telescope and managed some nice views of Jupiter.

Unexpected mushrooms on our afternoon walk. πŸ“·

Love the new photos page! Seems like a great time to re-import most of my Instagram photos.

This week’s ABGT is rather nice… 🎡

ABGT 339

Actual beer nerd in the wild

Beer nerds

Happy gotcha day!

May have over done it this time.