September 26, 2022

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I was a latecomer discovering Hybrid, starting around 2014. We had spent a weekend in the mountains of Western North Carolina and were driving back home through some backroads. I was listening to “Morning Sci-fi”, perhaps for the first time.

It was late in the afternoon and we came across a field that opened to this amazing sky. I had to pull off and take some pictures.

I didn’t notice the similarity until much later. Hybrid remains one of my favorite bands.

September 25, 2022

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Love this time of year when it gets dark earlier. I can go for evening walks as the sun goes down, with something deep, dark and electronic playing in my ears.

September 18, 2022

August 10, 2022

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Was descaling my coffee maker today using vinegar. Leaned over the top of it and maced myself. Gotta remember not to do that again. 🤣 ☕

July 31, 2022

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Finally made it to “The Expanse” in my reading queue. I am just about finished with the first book and coming from the show, which I was already a huge fan of, I’m surprised with how closely the show followed the book. I’ve heard things diverge more in the later seasons tho. 📺 📚🚀

July 25, 2022

June 12, 2022

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I was hoping “Strange New Worlds” wouldn’t have Pike “pulling a Kirk”, but S1E6, proved that wrong. At least it was a toned down version. Sad that this season is half over and miss the days of 20+ episode seasons. 🖖 📺

June 4, 2022

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Hopefully the pushback on Apple including promos, commercials and interviews in Music playlists, will get them to reverse that decision.

May 20, 2022

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Sad to read that Vangelis passed away. His music definitely influenced my interest in synths and music in general. 🎶

May 16, 2022

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The last Android device I purchased was a Nexus 6p. It was the last of the Nexus line and marked a shift for how Google does devices. It was also the beginning of my “degoogling”. Anyhow, the 6p wasn’t a very good device and most of them started boot looping, mine had not yet experienced this, but Google was nice enough to send me a Pixel 1 replacement. I’ve had this mostly in a drawer as a backup device since then. Today I decided to wipe and replace Google Android with LineageOS. Lineage has great instructions and the process was mostly painless. Now I have a mostly Google free Android device(no gapps) and have been installing the apps I need from F-Droid. I also spun up Syncthing and used KDEConnect for some clipboard sharing to get things setup,. These are great tools for local cross platform file sharing and device control.

May 6, 2022

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First episode of “Strange New Worlds” nailed it. The title sequence, theme music, plot, characters… all of it. This is good Star Trek. 🎥🖖

April 27, 2022

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Excited to discover that we have both, Downy and Red-bellied woodpecker nests in our backyard.

April 23, 2022

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Been a while since I hung out at the “Second State Coffee” downtown location. ☕️

April 22, 2022

April 4, 2022

April 3, 2022

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Recapturing your youth does not mean getting wasted all the time, it means having a regular bowel movement and sleeping like a normal person.

Solid wisdom from Merlin Mann

March 27, 2022

March 24, 2022

March 2, 2022

February 12, 2022

February 10, 2022

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Had to enable my first “mute” on today. Nothing egregious, but no time for that nonsense.

February 5, 2022

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Grabbed the five year deal and had to do something with the ten blogs it gives you. Decided to dedicate one to our cats, .

January 17, 2022

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Wasn’t that impressed with spatial audio when Apple introduced it, but I recently revisited it with some newly released music. Blown away at how good it sounds now, both with AirPod’s and a surround system. Not sure if music is being correctly mixed for the format now, or Apple has improved things, or both.

December 9, 2021

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Was out on my morning run this week when this little one walked out to ask for help. He has some eye issues and very underweight, but seems to be improving. Oliver, our dog, loves him but not sure what to do with him.

November 2, 2021

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Have been with Fastmail since 2004. Their service is and has been fantastic, but this will be my last month with the service. I have moved my email domain over to iCloud+ and it’s worked out to be… OK. The biggest missing feature for me with iCloud+ is robust server side rules. It has them but not near as flexible as what Fastmail provides. I can live with it tho and it’s worth the $40/year savings.