Every now and then my Discovery radio will slip into, music.apple.com/us/playli… mode.

Starting a new little Python project. Step one, what’s the preferred packaging and virtual environment setup this week? Almost went with Ruby, just for this being long solved problem.

Found a tiny turtle friend. Baby Yellow-bellied turtle sitting on an opened hand. Vibrant green grass in the background.

Ended up watching the entire season of “Three Body Problem” yesterday. So good. 📺

Youngest had an outdoor piano recital today. Seems like a good #ADayInTheLife choice.

Girl playing a electric piano outdoors

Just realized a weird pre-internet thing with me. I have had car insurance well before the internet was a thing, with the same agent from my hometown. This meant a phone call to do any insurance business. As much as I loath making a phone call, I find that I will call that agent before using the company’s web site for some things.

We were in a car accident April 30th. No injuries, but our car has been in the shop since then. 3+ months! I really don’t want to get another vehicle, but don’t think I can ever trust this car again.

Totally thought Hijack on ATV+ was a movie. It’s a series 🤦🏽‍♂️

Glad Silo on ATV+ was renewed for a second season. Great show, love the intensity.

These gulls know what’s up.

Three sea gulls sitting on top of a yellow sign. The words, “Voted World’s Best” are written on the sign in red lettering.