Enjoying the new Hipstamatic more than I should. Lack of ads and the temporary nature of posts makes it a fun distraction, but I’ll probably grow tired of all the over processed photos.

Tiny blooms on our Pawpaw tree.

🎬 I realize I am kinda late to this, but finished watching “The Batman” last night and it’s a great movie hiding in a way too long ok movie. I’d love to see about an hour edited out of it.

I guess @manton can remove Twitter crossposting now.

Find someone pushing for “favorites/likes”, and you’ve likely found someone building an audience. Not someone looking for meaningful engagement.

One good thing about people who drive squat pickups…. You very likely know what kind of person you’re dealing with, if you have any interactions.

My Ode grinder lives!

Had to drill out a jammed burr and do some hammering to free the burr carrier. Sanded the auger, then installed a set of Ode gen 2 burrs on a new carrier. Got the burrs aligned and it’s back to producing nicely ground coffee. Fellow support was helpful and it’s great they have parts available. The Ode is built like a tank and the gen 2 burrs fix the issue of the Ode not grinding fine enough. ☕️

WildCat on Prime is hard to watch at times, but worth it.

A Baltimore Oriole showed up on our feeder this morning. Seems to be kinda behind with it’s migration. Hopefully this cold doesn’t hurt it.

The ILM documentary on Disney+, brings a lot of feels.

☕️ Ode to an Ode…. It’s is with great sadness that I report the death of my Fellow Ode coffee grinder. Not sure what happened. One day it was grinding great, the next, strange noises. Opened it up to see what may have happened and found one of the burrs had seized somehow. After various attempts to dislodge the burr, I concluded it’s impossible. The Ode is built like a tank and further attempts will involve power tools and hammering. I’ve gone ahead and written it off, ordering something else. If I succeed with removing the burr without destroying things, maybe the Ode will be a backup machine.

First tree lighting of the season for us.

This has been on repeat most of the week. Lava Canal is a standout.

Seven Hour Sunset by Hello Meteor

Album cover that appears to be an old picture of lava coming out of a volcano.

Highlighting some great posts about the Fediverse.

🎥 Just caught up with Andor episodes. It has a nice slow burn. Episodes where almost nothing happens, but the intensity keeps ramping. Great show and good StarWars.

Well this is a nice surprise blog.pocketcasts.com/2022/10/1…

Bike’s new rich text editing implementation is simple and innovative. As good as Markdown, without the noise… maybe.

This is a fantastic change. It brings Micro.blog closer to a first class Fediverse citizen. www.manton.org/2022/10/1…

I think I’ll disable cross posting to my Mastodon account and follow/boost my blog posts from Mastodon instead.

Carolina Mantis

🍃 Cutting up downed limbs and cleaning up the yard