The last Android device I purchased was a Nexus 6p. It was the last of the Nexus line and marked a shift for how Google does devices. It was also the beginning of my “degoogling”. Anyhow, the 6p wasn’t a very good device and most of them started boot looping, mine had not yet experienced this, but Google was nice enough to send me a Pixel 1 replacement. I’ve had this mostly in a drawer as a backup device since then. Today I decided to wipe and replace Google Android with LineageOS. Lineage has great instructions and the process was mostly painless. Now I have a mostly Google free Android device(no gapps) and have been installing the apps I need from F-Droid. I also spun up Syncthing and used KDEConnect for some clipboard sharing to get things setup,. These are great tools for local cross platform file sharing and device control.